A small group ministry of Champion Life Centre composed of about 5 to 10 individuals who agree to meet together every week, or bi-weekly, for prayer, fellowship and study of the Word of God.
Through LIFE Groups, people are connected and encouraged to foster friendships and establish lasting relationships in a community environment.

LIFE Group Leaders are trained to lead the discussion and guide people to see Biblical solutions to real life issues.

Participants are encouraged to care for one another and to commit to applying Biblical principles learned in their daily life.

LIFE Groups are an excellent way to meet new people and to grow in your spiritual walk with the Lord.


How Can You Be Involved?
There are basically three ways you can get involved in the LIFE Group ministry:

Be a Host – as a Host, you have the privilege of welcoming members into your home for a designated period of time. Your home will be blessed.

Be an Active Member – as a member of a particular group, you will be able to develop the gifts and talents that God has blessed you with by making yourself available to care and pray for others.

Be a Leader – as a leader, you have the wonderful privilege of serving the Lord and others. This ministry will give you the joy of seeing people’s lives transformed. Initial and regular training is provided.

There are many groups that meet at different times during each week. So whatever your schedule is, there’s a LIFE group that you can be part of.

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Call our office during business hours:(Tuesday-Friday 9am- 4:30pm)